Six on Saturday

Cucumber Flowers square

This is my first try at this, and I am late already! It’s after 1:00 a.m. Sunday but I started trying to upload my pictures well before dark. I have a new computer and have been struggling for a couple of months now to figure out how to upload and edit photos on it. Now I HAVE to figure it out! As I’m a night owl, I’m going to hope that after midnight will be okay at least for this first time.

  1. Cucumber flowers on the fence. I hope I might get a cucumber or maybe two before the plants fizzle out, but cucumber beetles are making that outcome unlikely, and high temperatures don’t help. Meanwhile the flowers are pretty, I think.

bumblebee on catnip flower

2. A bumblebee collecting pollen from catnip flowers. Glad I didn’t harvest all the catnip! The bees were out there going crazy on what I left for them, today. Now it can reseed, too.

bumblebee on red monarda

3. Bumblebees like this monarda, too. I think it’s pretty tasty, myself, in tea.

Pink Gladiolus

4. A pink gladiolus flower wrapped against the trellis by a bean plant. Better than staking, I think.


blueberries 2

5. Blueberries that should be getting ripe soon, if we get some more rain. But usually the birds harvest most of these before I can get to them. That’s okay – they’re raising babies and looking everywhere for something healthy to eat.


bumblebee on oregano blooms6. Bumblebee on oregano flowers. We have other types of bees in the garden, too, but the bumblebees sit still long enough to take their picture!

To see links from all those posters who shared six photos from their gardens today (on time!) jump to The Propagator :

Hope I did this right!

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday”

    1. Oh, I would so love to have currant bushes! I hope you have pictures; I’ve looked at your site but so far only to be amazed by your wonderful old house. Yes, we have about a dozen blueberry bushes and this year they are full. I hope to get, for myself, at least a taste. I see several mama birds nesting in the area. I refuse to keep them away from food for their babies. That was in fact my intention when planting fruiting shrubs.

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  1. What a wonderful Six! I don’t think Mr P is a stickler for the rules. It’s lovely to see you joining in. Love the gladiolus and how it’s been naturally staked. There is something I really like about vegetables and fruit having ornamentals nearby. The bees probably like that too.
    Also I love seeing photos of bumblebees. We don’t have them here in Western Australia.

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    1. Thanks! In recent years, there have been crises for the bees, and a few years in which we saw very few of any kind of bee, sadly. The bumblebee has always been the first to recover and come back, for some reason. I’m very fond of them.

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      1. Do the scientists have any idea what has caused the decline? We are very fortunate here not to have Varroa mite or European Foulbrood here yet. Hopefully Biosecurity can keep it that way. It must be so hopeful to see your bees return. I’m glad to hear it.


      2. There are many theories about the decline in bees. I tend to agree that pesticides, herbicides, and possibly GMOs are contributing to disease and mass die-off of bees in numbers far greater than are usual from the commonly found mites, etc. This situation is still being studied and measured. I’m also a person who believes that monoculture, transporting hives cross-country to pollinate crops, and loss of habitat probably contribute to this problem. In other words, I’m doubting this is going to turn out to have a single answer. And I’m just happy to see some bees, whenever and wherever I do. I’ve completely changed the way I tend my yard and garden over the past years to try to support them and other pollinators as much as I can.

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