Six on Saturday – August 11, 2018

If you are inspired by photos of other people’s beautiful gardens – or even just by beautiful photos, or by other gardeners sharing their stories – you must visit The Propagator’s Blog where every weekend dozens of gardeners join in sharing six photos of something related to their gardens that week.

Here are my six for this Saturday.

1. We continued to get rained on this week. So things will generally still look wet in my pictures. Here is a (wet) orange zinnia:

orange zinnia

I actually think this zinnia looks somewhat the better for being wet. Good thing, as there wasn’t much choice.


2. Wet tomatoes, STILL NOT RIPE. How could they be? There has been no sun. Just rain.

wet green tomatoes


3. Dripping wet cleome blossoms. Pretty. Wet.

wet cleome


4. Rainy hosta flowers.

rainy hosta flowers


5. Waterlogged tithonia flower. I won’t repeat the reason.

wet tithonia


6. For some relief, here is my girl Sophie, watching for the sun to come out.


Next week, sunny and hot! That is my prediction.

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – August 11, 2018”

  1. The zinnia photo is just amazing! You must have a macro lens. I love the detail in that photo. I’m a bit envious of your rain as we’re desperate down here.


    1. Thanks! I’m dying to get a macro lens! Too expensive so I’m making do. Believe it or not, that picture and all the others came from my iPhone! And it’s not even one of the newer phones, it’s one I got on a sale because they were phasing it out. But it is my first ever iPhone so I’m very pleased with the camera on it. It’s so handy outdoors and I don’t have to download onto the computer like I would have with my real camera, which was taking me forever.

      I don’t mean to complain about our rain, it’s just that I can’t ever seem to go outside. After work when I get home it is always raining! I’m ready for the Fall.


      1. Obviously an iPhone is what I need, then. I have a very old android, and I have trouble keeping it still enough to take good photos. Time for a change…..


  2. Amazing, someone getting too much rain! Complain away. Too much, too little, neither is nice. And to lose those maters’d be a shame. Some of the other SoSers use a iphone macro lens attachment that I think is under £20 & take gorgeous photos w/it, altho your zinnia photo is fine on its own. Like Jane, I thought it was a macro photo. Zinnia’s are gorgeous, but the detail here . . . I wouldn’t catch it w/my naked eye. Well, I do hope you & Sophie get some dry days. I know how crazy the rain makes my cat. And she’s not quiet about it either.


    1. As I’m a new iPhone user, I wasn’t aware about lens attachments for the phone camera, but that sounds really interesting! I’m going to look into it, thanks so much for the tip! Sophie has a sister, Judy, who is much quieter and less curious (but every bit as wonderful, of course). I’ve had the pair less than a year but I adore them already. Sophie misses her bird-watching when the rain is constant.


      1. There are a few SoSers who could advise you. Both Mala from Does this Front & Fred the French Gardener have attachments.


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