Hello!  You are invited to join me in my online “walkabout” of the world. My goal is to find and create things of beauty and interest, and to transplant them at home for future inspiration.

My Story

In 2010, an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico made me re-examine my way of life. I stopped driving that day and 6 months later, gave away my car and began what I now call my “walkabout period” of life that lasted 5 years.

Since early childhood, I’d always been a nature lover. I was a lifelong organic gardener. I’d started a community garden in the field behind my house here in Atlanta, Georgia (the Rose Circle Community Garden) some years before.

During my 5 years of walking, my eyes opened to all the beauty that was right there in front of me. My perspective on the difference between “needs” and “desires” changed. During that time also, I was blessed with grandchildren and took my first long-distance train trip. My interest in photography grew as my mother became blind and the “everyday world” suddenly seemed more precious for my ability to see it.

We joke that there is a hoarding gene in our family – if so, I definitely got it. Now, I aim to hoard images, ideas and memories. I’ve started this blog to share them and to find others who also appreciate the simple, healing beauty of all that is around us.


my first glider

(an early picture of me resting outside after a long day in the garden)

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