Beltline Atlanta

The Atlanta Beltline is just blocks away from my little garden. I walked the Beltline when it was grass and mud, before we really believed it would happen in our part of town. Now that eight feet of pavement stripes the path and businesses are springing up alongside it, I stay away. I miss those wild days. It may take me awhile to adjust.

Have you walked any of Atlanta’s Beltline Trail? I’d love to hear what you think about it, in the comment area below.

2 thoughts on “Beltline Atlanta”

  1. Thank you for visiting my Whimseytopia blog. I stopped by and while I haven’t read your entire blog, I am stuck here wondering why you stay away from the beltline trail. I knew nothing of this project until I just looked it up, but to me it sounds fantastic. I’m way out in the country and miss the urban life, all that connection, life, music, art, and people everywhere. I often wish I was back in the city…any city. I love my little corner of NC, but as I age, things get a little too quiet around here. I’ll be back to finish reading your site. I love your photography, and we’ll talk about punching rugs sometime soon. Patsye (


    1. Hi, Patsye! Your question is a good one. I am living in the very center of Atlanta, in an historic neighborhood that has been urban for well over a hundred years. I can (and for several years did every day) easily walk from my home to my job which is across the street from the State Capitol Building. When I discovered the abandoned rail track that was to become the Beltline trail, it was a small piece of countryside, but hidden just a block away from home between two busy parallel streets. I could basically step off the road through some tall grass and disappear into a wilderness, and be unseen if I timed my step right between oncoming cars. Inside that rough trail area, the air was instantly quiet and still, and the birds and butterflies flitted overhead as though it were a prairie miles wide. Reading your description, it seemed to me that my life in Atlanta, the old Beltline trail, and my love of it described a mirror image to your country NC life and sometime longing for the city. Maybe we all need a little slice of what we don’t usually have, somewhere nearby. When they paved and prettified the Beltline, I just lost interest in it, because it’s no longer wild in the way I sometimes need wilderness.


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