The Garden

For the time being, this is my own little allotment of land to use, on loan from a very kind neighbor. He first granted it to me to use as a community garden and we actively did that for several years. It was called the Rose Circle Community Garden. But now the children of our garden members have grown up, and the garden member families moved on or simply become disinterested in fighting mosquitoes, sweat and weeds; meanwhile the figs, elderberries and perennial herbs have staked their claim and give me plenty of green to work around as I plant just a few vegetables each year. Bees are happy here.

Waiting for lima beans 2016

a view of the garden May 8 2016

This second photo shows our Peace Pole, installed here at the Rose Circle Community Garden in Atlanta, Georgia on Earth Day 2011. On that day as part of our Earth Day Celebration, we erected in our garden a Peace Pole with the words “May Peace Take Root Here” printed on each side in Spanish, Akan (Twi), Choctaw, and English. We dedicated our Peace Pole by placing stones at its base and offering individual prayers or meditations for peace, then joining hands to pray together for peace. Photos from that celebration can be seen on our garden Facebook page.



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